Brisket Nachos:Crispy corn chips with BYG brisket, cheddar cheese, and house BBQ sauce, black beans & apple slaw 13

Brisket Mac Eggs: (3) Our Mac Cheese Stuffed with Brisket and Jalapeno 12

Smoked Pimento Cheese: Our blend of cheddar, blue cheese, cream cheese and red bell peppers smoked in house. Served with toasted onion bread from Uptown Bakery 8

BYG Mac Cakes: Two of our house made Mac and cheese grilled pancakes. Crispy on the outside creamy on the inside topped with our smoke brisket 12

BYG Fried Green Tomatoes: Hanover’s green jewels fried the way Gran E made them. We just added a side of apricot sriracha and BYG bacon on top 10

BYG Onion Rings: Fresh made onion rings served with our smoked tomato jam 9


                       Sweet Potato fries, 11 Cheese Mac, Fries, Redskin garlic mashed potatoes, BYG Mac cake, Veg. of the day 4

House-made Cornbread 1.5

BYG dipping sauces: Smoke tomato, garlic aioli, apricot sriracha, chipotle aioli 1



BYG Brisket Chili: served with house-made corn bread/ Cup 5

Selection of the Day:served with house-made corn bread/ Cup 5



Orchard Salad: Marinated chicken over crisp greens, sliced apple, avocado, tomato and roasted pumpkin seeds 14

Brisket Salad: BYG brisket over arugula, with tomato, red onion and goat cheese 14

Hurricane Agnes:marinated grilled chicken, grilled teriyaki glazed pineapple, feta cheese, tomato, honey roasted walnuts and red onions over fresh greens 14


Soup & Salad: choice of cup of soup or chili and our side salad 9

Side Salad: Fresh greens, tomatoes and red onions, shredded cheddar 5

Dressings: Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italian, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ginger Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard



Backyard Burgers*

Our handcrafted 8oz Burger is made with 3 cuts of Fresh Angus Beef that we season and grill to perfection.

All Burgers are served on fresh Uptown Bakery Buns and complimented with fries.

Substitute your fries to sweet potato or onion rings for 1


Classic Yard Burger: We start this classic with lettuce, tomato and onion 11

Do not forget to ask for the Duke’s Mayo

Add the cheese of your choice: Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss, Pepper Jack, Provolone, Blue, Goat or BYG Pimento for $1.25each.

Upgrade by adding bacon, mushrooms, avocado, slaw or grilled pineapple for a $1.50each. Make it a double by adding $5.


Specialty Burgers*


Mac-N-Burger– a meal on a bun, our delicious burger with ourBYG Mac Cake 15

One Eye: Our burger topped with BYG smoked bacon, over easy egg, cheddar cheeseand smoked tomato jam 14

Route 5: Our burger is topped with American cheese, caramelized onions simmered in home town beer and bacon (not served with lettuce, tomato or raw onion) 13

Southern Gentleman aka McLawson: our fresh burger topped with our pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes and smoked tomato jam 14

The Rebel Yell: Our burger topped w/ BYG smoked brisket with grilled onions, cheddar cheese and our BBQ sauce 15 

The Booza (voted best AGAIN in Richmond by someone on Facebook):Our house-made BYG black bean patty topped with avocado, pepper jack cheese and garlic-aioli 10

The Booza 2.0:Our house-made BYG black bean patty open faced served on a grilled Portabella cap in place of the bun topped with avocado, pepper jack cheese and garlic-aioli 13

 Gigantor’s Revenge *

Replacing the Gigantor

Burger, cheddar, burger, cheddar, and another burger, brisket, pork bbq, BYG Mac cake, smoked sausage, BYG Bacon, apple slaw and jalapenos topped with lettuce, tomato and red onions. Clean your plate and get the shirt off our back (shirt from behind the bar). In order to make the wall of fame and receive the shirt you must consume burger on premises and not share with anyone. Not responsible for how full you may feel.  34

*These items are cooked to order, consuming raw or undercooked meats or eggs may increase risk of food borne illness.


Our Chicken is always fresh, never frozen! Grilled and served with lettuce, tomato, onion. Served with Fries.

Yard Goat: Marinated chicken breast topped with BYG smoked bacon, fresh goat cheese, and a balsamic glaze on a fresh baked bun 11.5

The Aloha: Marinated chicken breast covered in cheddar cheese, topped with grilled pineapple, BYG smoked bacon and a teriyaki glaze 11.5

The Winchester:Marinated chicken breasttopped with grilled apples, cheddar cheese and our BYG bbq sauce 11

The Amigos Dos:Marinated chicken breast, BYG bacon, provolone cheese, garlic aoli 11.5

The BYG Crispy. Ourmarinatedbreast rolled in our batter, with lettuce, tomato and BYG sauce 11

Smoked Meats

Served with Fries except platter

Yard Brisket: BYG smoked brisket, on fresh baked onion roll 12.5

The Grover: House made pulled pork on a fresh Uptown Bakery bun and apple slaw 9.50

Smoked Platter: Our smoked brisket or pork served with vegetable of the day, Redskin garlic mashed potatoes and cornbread 17


Served on fresh baked bread from Uptown Bakery with Fries.

Cates BLT: BYG smoked bacon, red tomato, lettuce, and garlic aioli on white, wheat, or rye   9.5

Brisket Reuben: BYG smoked brisket, sauerkraut, dressing and melted Swiss cheese on rye   13

                      The Katz: Our brisket, pepper jack and our soon to be famous bacon jam on grilled sourdough 13

Down Home: Our house made pimento cheese sandwich with BYG bacon on sourdough bread 10

Yonder: Our house made pimento cheese and BYG brisket grilled on our sourdough 13

Dog House:100% all Beef Hot Dog served with Fries add a second dog for 3

River Dog: Pork BBQ, jalapenos, and apple slaw   8

The Ken Moore: BYG brisket chili, cheddar, and onion   8

VirginiaDog: BYG bacon, Cheddar cheese and red onion 8


(add a second slider for $2)

Dr. K Burger: Our same burger just smaller on a slider bun served with Fries 6

Little Pig: Our Pork BBQ served on a slider bun 6

Grilled Cheese: Fresh baked white bread and melted American cheese 6

Puppy Dog: our delicious all beef hot dog server with fries 6



Coke, Diet Coke, Mr. Pibb, Sprite, Orange, Lemonade, Iced Tea, Milk 2.45

Food from the kitchen may have been in contact with nut oils, dairy products and seafood.

Bootle & Cans

Budweiser 3.25                Corona 4.25

Bud Light 3.25        Corona Light 4.25

Coors Light 3.25               Michelob Ultra 3.25

Bold Rock Cider 4.25       Stella 4.25

Miller High Life 2.00           PBR 12oz Can 1.50

Wild Wolf Blonde Hunny 4.25    Ballast Point Sculptin IPA 4.25



Legend Brown

COTU Pocahoptas

Hardywood  Singel

Devils Backbone Vienna

Miller Light

Blue Moon

Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Stone IPA

White Wine

                                                                                     Glass/ Bottle

Annalisa – Pinot Grigio                                     6/22

Urban Valley – Sauvignon Blanc          7/27

Angeline – Chardonnay        8/3

Red Wine

Angeline – Pinot Noir               8/30

Tilia – Cabernet      7/27

High Note – Malbec     9/35

Food from the kitchen may have been in contact with nut oils, dairy products and seafood.

*Consuming Foods raw or under cooked are at you own discretion.

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